Non-Circular Core Fibers

Non-Circular Core Fibers

SILICA/SILICA Non-Circular Core High OH (190-1200nm) and Low OH (300-2400nm) Fibers

OBS Fiber – Non circular core fibers
OBS Fiber – Non circular core fibers

Square or rectangular fibers, which deviate from the traditional circular shape, offer significant advantages by maximizing packing density. The fibers are ideally suited for connection to square detectors or light sources, e.g. for diode lasers. Their angular shape helps to homogenize the input power over short distances.

Thanks to the low-pressure plasma deposition technology used in preform production, we also have fibers available in rectangular formats with high aspect ratios and a low corner radius. These are ideal for applications which require a combination of flexibility and large cross sections in silica fibers, e.g. a diode laser delivery system.

Technical Data

Type of fiber

High OH (190-1200nm) Fibers

Low OH (300-2400nm) Fibers

OH content

High >700 ppm

Low <1 ppm

Core diameter (µm)

Geometry and diameter upon request

Numerical Aperture (NA)

0.12±0.02 | 0.22±0.02 | 0.28±0.02 or customised

Standard prooftest

Nylon, ETFE, Acrylate: 100 kpsi ; Polyimide: 70 kpsi

Minimum Bending Radius

50×cladding diameter (short-term mechanical stress)
150×core diameter (during use with high laser power)

OBS Fiber – Non circular core fibers


First choice for applications for beam shaping e.g. including surface treatment or for lighting.