Fused Fiber TAPER

Fused Fiber TAPER

Silica Low OH (300-2400nm) and High OH (190-1200nm) Tapered Fibers

OBS Fiber – Silica tapered fibers
OBS Fiber – Silica tapered fibers

Simplified profile of a fused-end taper

In a fused end taper the “real” taper is very short and can completely be built in a SMA connector. The thin end of this taper is spliced to a standard fiber. Fused-end tapers are more cost effective compared to continuous tapers and can be built with a customized ratio of input diameter to output diameter.

A tapered optical fiber is used to lead a collimated beam with a relatively large diameter into a smaller fiber or to get a better energy density in the immediate vicinity of the fiber output.

We offer fused and tapered optical fibers of the highest quality. All tapered assemblies are available with standard connectors or individually designed ferrules.

Technical Data

Type of fiber

High OH (190-1200nm) Fibers

Low OH (300-2400nm) Fibers

Ge-Doped (400-2000nm) Tapered Fibers TWFGE

OH content

High >700 ppm

Low <1 ppm

Core diameter (µm)

Available from 50µm to 1500µm

Core/Cladding Ratios

Standard : 2:1 | 3:1 | 4:1 | 5:1 or customised

Standard prooftest

100 kpsi

Minimum Bending Radius

5-100mm (depedning on the selected fiber diameter)


Industrial / Scientific

  • Replacement for UV Liquid Light Guides
  • Spectroscopy
  • Sensors
  • Photolithography
  • Laser welding / soldering / marking
  • Laser delivery
  • Nuclear plasma diagnostics
  • Analytical instruments
  • Laser diode pigtailing
  • Pyrometry
  • Semiconductor capital equipment
  • Illumination and Monitoring


  • Medical diagnostics
  • Laser delivery
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Medical Treatments such as UV Psoriasis