Fiber Tubing

Fiber Tubing

Furcation Tubing

PVC Tubing

OBS Fiber – pvc tubing jaune sans fond

This furcation tubing consists of an outer PVC jacket, Kevlar protective threads, a polypropylene inner fiber tube, and a pull string for fiber insertion. The 2mm and 3mm diameter are available and can be customized upon customer’s request.

Hytrel Tubing

OBS Fiber – Hytrel tubing blanc fond blanc

It consists of  Hytrel over Kevlar over Polypropylene. With a 900µm outer diameter and an inner diameter of only 500µm, it is most used with single mode fiber and may be too small for many multimode fibers.

Flexible Metal Tubes

Stainless Steel Tubes

OBS Fiber – Fiber tubing

The Stainless Steel Tubes offer outstanding characteristics and the smallest sizes available in the industry. With its high flexibility and excellent mechanical protection or armor, the metalic tubing is ideal for armored fiber optics, security devices, sensor cable protection, medical equipments, robotics, fiber scopes, or light guides.