Metal Coated Silica Fibers

Metal Coated Silica Fibers

SILICA step index high OH solarization resistant fiber(190-1200nm)

OBS Fiber – standard step index fibers
OBS Fiber – Metal coated fibers

Special fibers support applications in high-temperature and high-vacuum areas and also withstand aggressive substances.

These fibers are provided with a hermetically sealed metal coating and are thus protected against the penetration of liquids and gases. They are suitable for operating temperatures between -196°C and +400°C, do not outgas even under high vacuum conditions, and resist both organic solvents and other aggressive substances. The fibers are significantly more mechanically resilient than fibers with organic coatings such as hermetic carbon coatings.

More specifically, aluminum coating does not accumulate static electricity and simplifies fiber cooling through good thermal conduction Aluminum and Copper are available and can in principle be realized for all our special glass fibers. Soldering of the fibers is also possible in principle.

Technical Data

Type of fiber

High OH (190-1200nm) Fibers

Low OH (300-2400nm) Fibers

OH content

High >700 ppm

Low <1 ppm

Core diameter (µm)

Available from 100µm to 2100µm


0.12±0.02 | 0.15±0.02 | 0.22±0.02 | 0.26±0.02 | 0.28±0.02 or customised

Standard prooftest

Nylon, ETFE, Acrylate: 100 kpsi ; Polyimide: 70 kpsi

Minimum Bending Radius

100×cladding diameter (short-term mechanical stress)
200×core diameter (during use with high laser power)


First choice when using high-vacuum coatings such as in the electronics industry or for high-temperature applications such as in the petrochemical industry e.g. in nuclear power plants and test reactors.