Singlemode and Polarization Maintaining Pigtails & Patchcords

Singlemode and Polarization Maintaining Pigtails & Patchcords

Single-fiber assemblies

OBS Fiber – singlemode fibers assemblies

Manufactured with our patented outside vapor deposition (OVD) process, our singlemode fibers offer. When used as component pigtails, our singlemode fibers offer world-class durability and reliability and allow for efficient fiber coupling within photonic products (e.g. EDFA, DWDM components, LED sources, pump lasers). They also offer reduced bend attenuation due to their high core index of refraction.


Available fibers

All Singlemode and Polarization Maintaining Fibers from our range at various lengths


FC | SC | LC | ST, PC and APC version, others upon customer request including custom ferrules


Special jackets available for high temperatures, high vacuum, and harsh chemicals

Protection tubes

PVC | PTFE | Kevlar | C-Flex | Kevlar-reinforced PVC | Metal | Stainless Steel and others